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This adventure is the second of an adventure series; however, it can be played on its own. If you are interested in the first of the series, the adventure is “Pines and Sunshine” in volume three of the Demonground, February 1999 issue.

The players will work for National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA), and they take a ride into space for the purpose of investigating an alien spacecraft that is drifting past earth. In the process, they will find another part to the gate and a pack of trouble.

It is assumed that you have or have access to the Masters’ edition of the Dark Conspiracy Player’s Handbook and Referee’s Guide 2nd edition.  This adventure is now avaliable for download.  It is WinZiped and in Microsoft Word97 format or Corel Word Perfect9 .

Download it now in MS word.

Download it now in Corel word perfect.
Also, I would like to thank Mathew Kelly for the great space picture.