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PB 2200
Orignally it meant Paint Ball 2200, its new name is Punk Boy 2200.

The year was 2011, Tonka-Lorcin had made a new prototype replacement for the aging paint ball gun.  The rifle was a fully automatic paint pellet gun that used a cartridge similar to a .22 shell with a groove built into the casing. The gun also used an electric powered receiver to provide a high rate of fire.  The idea never panned out, the gun did not meet with success and was dropped from the product line.

Two years later a engineer was playing around and found if you removed the tab from inside the receiver, it could fire a .22 round.   The barrel and receiver was retooled and a new disposable magazine was created.  This gun was then marketed with gang banners in mind.  Several movies were made just to make this gun look “ganger cool”.  It is now an unbelievable fad and is in high demand.

This gun comes in assorted bright colors, it is made out of stamped aluminum and has a non rifled barrel.  This gun has no user serviceable parts, therefore it cannot be stripped and cleaned.  It is meant to be cheap and disposable.  When Tonka-Lorcin made the original PB2200 it came with a custom sticker set, and not wanting to waste any money Tonka-Lorcin released the decal set with the gun.  With sayings like: 'Death from everywhere' and 'Suck hot death' the stickers have been widely accepted with the gangers.

Be advised you get what you pay for.

Mag. 45
Price: Gun: $75,  magazines $1.00 come fully loaded with 45 .22 caliber bullets
Weapon                     ROF      Dam    Pen   Blk   SS   Brst    Rng
Punk-Boy 2200          15          -1        nil     2      1      4        6
 with stock                  15          -1        nil     3      1      3        10

 This gun uses four “c” batteries.  The magazines for this gun come in disposable form only, meaning you cannot reload them, this is not an oversight, its a money making idea.  If the gun jams two times, roll a d20, if the roll is a 5 or more the receiver is destroyed and its time to buy a new gun.  Due to the nature of this gun, double the number of bullets lost for full auto per range band.