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Strength: 5             Education: 0            Move: (land) 10/20/40   (fly) 10/20
Constitution: 4       Charisma: 1             Skill/Damage: 4/8
Agility: 8                Empathy: 5              Hits: 10/20
Intelligence: 3         Initiative: 4              # Appearing: 1d6+4

The Chupacabra has the following empathic abitliies;
Animal Empathy 5               Project Thought 4               Psychic Invisibility 4
Project Emotion 3               Willpower Drain 2

Physical Description:
The Chupacabra's body is similar to a bipedal erect dinosaur, with no tail.  It's head is oval in shape and has an elongated jaw.  Two elongated red eyes, with a small nostril area, and a small slit like mouth with fang-teeth protruding upwards and downwards.  It's body is covered with strong coarse hair.

In the dark, it will change to a black or deep brown color.  In a well lit area, or surrounded by vegetation, it will change to green, gray-green, light brown, or beige ( like to earth's chameleon ).

The creature has two small arms with a three fingered claw and two strong hind legs, allowing it to run quickly as well as jump 8 to 10 meters in a single bound.  It has quill like appendages running down it's back, with a blue-green membrane resembling wings, allowing it to fly.

The Chupacabra is like a normal animal in that it has mating as well as group behavior.  The species dwells underground in cave like sturctures.  It's food source is the blood of animals, there is no known case of one feeding from a human or ET.

The Chupacabra, also know as "the Goat Sucker", and "El Vampiro de Moca" was first reported in Puerto Rico in the mid 1990's.  They are actually pets of irresponsible ET's ( runaway house pets ).  By 1997 world wide reports began, Miami area, Mexico, and the Caribbean.  The last few years have been whiteness to an explosion in there numbers, thus the increase in killed livestock ( cattle, goats, rabbits, dogs, ect.).

Dr Carlos Soto, DVM has examined more than one animal killed by the Chupacabra, below are some excerpts from his reports:

> The animal has many small circular holes 1/4" to 1/2" in diameter arranged in triangular fashion.  These penetrate deep into the neck of the lower jaw.

> The wounds have a regular pattern, a hole penetrating through the right jaw bone, muscle and tissue, straight to the brain ( more specifically the cerebellum ) causing instant death.

> The attack reveals a type of euthanasia technique, preventing the animal from suffering.

> In the 'Chupacabra' case files no other trauma, abrasions, scratches, bites, or pressure have been observed.

> Four days after the attack the victim lacks rigor mortis . . . . the remaining blood has not clotted or coagulated, this is extremely unnatural.

> It becomes painfully obvious that we are not dealing with an ordinary predator/carnivore species known to earth science.

Devil Dogs

Strength: 7            Education: 0            Move: 15/30/60
Constitution: 7       Charisma: 3             Skill/Damage: 6/1d6 (x2)*
Agility: 8                Empathy: 1              Hits: 12/24
Intelligence: 2         Initiative: 5              # Appearing: 1d6+1

Devil Dogs have 2 bite attacks, 1 for each head.  They have an observation asset of 14, and tracking of 12, and Phsycic Tracking of a 10.

Three years ago a company named Alchemi-Co, introduced a two headed watch/guard dog.  These dogs were said to be smarter, stronger, faster, and more loyal than any other guard animal ever known. Since then, the demand for these dogs have far exceeded the supply.

Physical Description:
Devil Dogs look like large a two headed Rottwieler with red eyes, black, shaggy fur (about 1"-2" long), and no tail. They stand just over 1.5 meters tall, and weigh about 75kg.

A number of mega corps have tried thier hand at gene splicing. Few have ever met with success. Devil Dogs are one of those successes. When the experiment was first started, they sought only to enhance a normal guard dog. However when Dr. Paul Monroe took over as head researcher it was renamed Project: Cerebus. He had several radical ideas as to how to proceed with the project. No one asked where he was from, no one asked about his ideas, and no one asked where he found the strange unknown DNA.

At the end of 4 years of intensive research and development, Devil Dogs were a reality. In a short time they proved capable of breeding, and the corp, of course, dedicated several kennels to raising and training them. They were found to be smarter (read: problem solving), than normal dogs. They also had an intense hatred of all other dogs (save Hell Hounds), making them incapable of working with other breeds. This was also seen as a bonus. If you wanted a Devil Dog you could only have Devil Dogs, which made more money.

If a mystic performs an aura read on a Devil Dog they will show as at least partly “dark”.  They are very intellegent and will act with cunning that would suprise most people.  They are also nearly fearless, but not stupid, they will not directly attack an armed party, but instead will set up a ambush.

Lamia  { the Snake Woman }

Strength: 13             Education: 1                Move: 2/8/15/30
Constitution: 15       Charisma: 5                 Skill/Damage: 7/2d6, 2P2
Agility: 9                  Empathy: 10**            Hits: 25/50*
Intelligence: 6           Initiative: 5                   # Appearing: 2d6

   Legs, chest, and abdomen have an AV 1
**  Empathic powers are; human and darkling empathy, project emotion, project thought

The Mythology:
In ancient Greece there is a legend about a woman named Lamia. She was a beutiful woman, and was said to be one of the many lovers of Zeus. She sired 3 children by Zeus, just enough to insult Hera, queen of the gods and wife of Zeus. Hera had her priests take Lamia children and kill them.
Lamia went mad, and left her home to seek solitude in a cave, far from Greece.  After a few years she started to sneak into towns and villages at night, to steal other womens children and kill them. She would take them to her lair to torture them, and when she got bored with her playthings she would eat them. For this she was cursed into her new form, and driven even further from sanity.

The Reality:
Lamias (plural) are a race of beings that are half woman and half snake.  They appear as attractive  from the breast up, and from the abdomen down they have the body of a great snake.

Their eyes are usually black or red,  hair color is black or brown, and skin color can range from pale white to coal black.  The scale of the lamia are very hard, hence the AV1, and is usually dark green, brown or black. They also possess fangs that secreet a fatally poisonous venom.

Tatics and Combat:
Lamias like to use ambush, and other tatics that give them any advantage over their victims.  They use their empathy to make themselves appear as pretty and helpless woman in dire need of help to lure men into a trap. These evil bitches ( pardon my french ) especially enjoy kidnapping and torturing children.

When a nest of these amphibious things take roost in your area clean them out as fast as you can because they take advantage of their empathic powers and mind control several human males to serve as bodygaurds.  Being somewhat intelligent some Lamias have learned how to use guns, so be forewarned when dealing with these dangerous broads

Minotaur  { a Moreau-Were }

Strength: 15            Education: 1            Move: 3/9/15/30
Constitution: 12       Charisma: 1             Skill/Damage: 5/d10 or by weapon
Agility: 7                  Empathy: 1              Hits: 20/35
Intelligence: 3           Initiative: 4              # Appearing: 2d6

Minotaurs may attack with a 'diving blow/head butt' doing d10 dmg, or d6 with claw or hoof.

All have an observation asset of 10, and tracking ( by scent ) of 10.

Physical Description:
Minotaurs are large ( just over 7 feet tall, and about 800 lbs. ), hulking brutes.  There bodies are covered with a short thick reddish brown fur, and the adults horns span 18 to 24 inches.  There hands are heavy claws with enough dexterity to use most modern tools, and weapons.  They also have hooves as there feet, and a short tail.  All Minotaurs are male, no females have been successfully created.

These monsters of old have been reborn with miracle of modern genetic manipulation.  On a recent trip to Greece Dr. Hugo Gomez had acquired an ancient text through less than reputable means.  After returning to the States and the St. Louis University he set about translating his find.  After 3 years of work and the sponsorship of  the Bio-Mex Corp. the first monster in over 4,000 years was born.

Pets of Mephistopheles  { Spider Crabs }

Strength: 4              Education: 1            Move: 2/8/15/30
Constitution: 8         Charisma: 1             Skill/Damage: 4/1d6, 1P1
Agility: 5                  Empathy: 0              Hits: 20/40*
Intelligence: 1           Initiative: 3              # Appearing: 3d6

   AV: 1, due to hard shell

The mythology:
These creatures are relatively new and have no known historical counterpart.

The reality:
These alien arachnids just recently started appearing around dens of  insectoid aliens.

Physical appearance:
They appear as a large spider, or crab, complete with a small and strong pair of pincers,  with a hard exoskeleton covering their entire body.  Their body, including legs, is about 1 meter in diameter. The dark coloration of their shell helps them hide from their prey until it is too late. The hardness of  the shell gives them an AV1.

Combat abilities:
Spider crabs (as hunters call them) like to attack in mass from hiding.  Spider crabs are very prolific and don’t care about attrition rates. One on one they are a nuisance, but in great numbers they are very dangerous, use extreme caution when entering a  nest of them. Beside their poisonous bite, their only mode of attack is a small pair of very strong pincers just under their mandibles. They also spin large webs that are strong enough to catch some animals and even humans unlucky enough to wander into one. Their web requires an average strength roll to break free from.

The Dark One known to humans as Mephistopholes introduced us to these horrors in just the last few months. Even though they are a prolific species, food supply and the lack of smarts help to keep their numbers small.