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Some of my Bookmarks -  -  A great search page.  -  Cant find your phonebook?  -  A good reference site.

EPA Superfund site  -  Lists some bad places in Florida.

NOAA  -  National Weather Service.

What is Autism?  -  I love you Sonja.

Florida Department of Law Enforcement  -  They list Florida's Sexual Predators.

Florida Department of Corrections  -  Stuff. 

ZDTV - Television About Computing  -  Stuff about PC stuff.

NASCAR  -  Go Man Go. . . 

Groucho Marx  -  a Filmography.

The Sky 97.3  -  My Local Talk & News Radio station  

Neal Boortz  -  A bit crazed at times, but thought provoking.  -  Like to cook, check them out.

Don't download this  -  Or run the program. 

do you like the internet?  -  Get the whole thing here.