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Here it is, the Ashley McKay versions of the DC Character Sheet.

There are two types available for download here.  Both are done up in Microsoft Excel and are stored in WinZip.

The box of Statistics under the DC Title is mostly formula stuff, except for initiative and experience points (enter as needed).

Weight is calculated automatically depending upon Strength, Agility & Sex (both in Pounds and Kilograms).   Likewise for Hit Capacities (one the characteristics are entered, these amounts are calculated automatically).

The Base Hit Numbers are automatically calculated if you possess the relevant skill.  Due to space considerations, the name for each skill here is UNDER the relevant numbers, not above.

Once the characteristics have been entered at the top of the sheet, it carries through to the skill listings, and all you need to do is enter the skill level, and the sheet will calculate the final Skill + Stat for you.

Empathic skills are a little bit different.  The skills listed on the front of the sheet are the basic empathic skills.   At the bottom of this listing is a question, "Is Character Empathic?"  If this field is left blank, or 'No' is entered, then nothing more happens.  However, if 'Yes' is entered, then another question is brought up, for you to define what type of Empath (Neuropath, Psionic, Sorcerer, or Mystic).  The expanded list of empathic abilities available to that type of empath is then shown on the next page.

With the Weapons information, the following needs to be stated.  If you do not enter the name of the weapon exactly as it is entered in the list (which is by no means complete), then you will get spurious values.  The same goes for the equipment list.

If any of you have further questions, I am always happy to answer.  As to the equipment and weapons list contained in the second page, I have included about one hundred blank lines for you to enter additional weapons and your own equipment.  Simply follow the headings at the top of the page when entering the data.

First Edition DC   Download it!

Second Edition DC   Download it!

Don't have WinZip   Download it!

 Thanks,   Ashley McKay