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When an ancient, brooding evil is released from it's dimensional prison, humankind's worst nightmares come to life.

What is the link between this sinister horror and the mysterious holes in the ozone layer, the rise of empathically aware humans, and the alien visitors from another star system?

For the few men and women perceptive enough to recognize this danger and resourceful enough to fight it, the battle to recapture humankind's birthright will be long and costly.

The second edition is out.  You can get your own copy of the new books from the people at
Dynasty Presentations.

the First Edition  
2nd Edition 
  Player's Handbook  
2nd Edition 
  Referee's Guide


Hello, and welcome to speedbump920's Dark Conspiracy Web Page.  This page has been online for a while now, and in  this time I have received some great e-mails  from people that have visited and enjoyed this page.  Thank you all. 

I would greatly appreciate any ideas, questions, or submissions to this site.  As well as to hear from Referees and Players about there experiences with materiel from this page.

                                                    ~ speedbump920  




Sci-Fi Channel's review of the Dark Conspiracy RPG.