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> Our current group has two cells ( depending on who is running the game ), both are located in Tampete Fl.

Dr. Eagon Spangler
Dr. Anthony Bellows
Winston Lightfoot
Juan Donnivan
Rudy "the Brick" Iupo
Fawn Hall
Lucas Wallenchek
Robert Zimmerman

Regular Contacts / NPCs

> Rachel Ochimo,  Claire Miller,  Ann Ladato,  Bray Martociva,  Rodney "the Toad" Rungred,  Col. Robert Neville,  Mike Stivick,  "Hep" ( short for hepitius ),  Monique "Mo" Weeks,   and Josh Randal.


> Robert "Wolf" Zimmerman. 

Wolf is twenty-nine years old. He stands five feet, nine inches tall and weighs 202 lbs. His hair is light brown and his eyes are hazel. He keeps his hair in a traditional Marine high & tight. Wolf’s favored weapons are the Mossberg M500 and Smith & Wesson Model 29 with a 16.5-inch barrel.  Strong as an ox and smart as a rock, Wolf found his talent best suited for the military. Leaving his MIKE roots, he spent four years in the U.S. Marine Corps. Seeing no immediate future in the civilian world, Wolf reenlisted in the Corps, and that is when things started to get interesting. He went back to training the first year to become a member of Force Recon.  Wolf made his first contact with the dark minions while on deep patrol of a Nicaraguan jungle.  After that contact, he left the Marine Corps to funnel his gallant efforts in finding out what or who is behind the dark. So, he started his own bodyguard business to pay his bills, and he meets a wide variety of people and travels many different places.

Hired by Doctor Spangler, Wolf proved to have the right skills that Doctor Spangler was looking to recruit for his underground resistance cell. Wolf was given several missions to test his combative skills and disposition toward the spreading dark. Satisfied with what he had seen; Doctor Spangler offered Wolf the ability to join “The Resistance.”

With a cool demeanor, little in the realm of the norm can shake Wolf. He takes the frontal approach when dealing with man or monster. Though a good man, he has no patients to deal with political rhetoric or posturing, gutter scum, or heretics. Wolf would rather fight with a leader of a street gang than have to look at him the second time.

With all that can be said about Wolf’s combative prowess, his intellect is his downside. The dark minions having the ability to empathically manipulate Wolf’s mind, will reign king over the great fighter.  It is heavily suspected that Wolf was abducted by aliens not too long ago, but further tests are being done.

> Winston Lightfoot.

When Winston was a young Navaho boy his Tribal lands were taken by the Salt Lake Chemix Company.  The tribe revolted and most of it's members along with his parents were killed.  The young empathic orphan wondered the streets of Salt Lake city for a few years.  One morning he awoke and found himself prisoner in a lab of some kind and for the next 8 years they worked on exploiting his young mind.  He discovered that the men in the lab also worked for SLCCo. and managed to escape, and go under ground.  He then came across a old Indian Shaman named Great Eagle.  Great Eagle he learned was of his tribe, and one of the few survivors.  With the help of Great Eagle and others Winston grew to become a Shaman ( Mystic-Sorcerer ).  Currently he is wanted by the SLCCo. for acts of terrorism against the company and it's employees.  He now resides in the Tampete area, far away from the men that have stolen his lands, waiting , planing, growing stronger. . . .

> Ving.

He can best be described as 6 feet, 225 lbs. of pure chocolate.  Ving's memories farther back than a few years are sketchy at best.  His first full memories are of running through an ally in the Cincinnati Metroplex.  It was here were he started his new life as a bodyguard.  He moved from Metroplex to Metroplex, looking for work.  He was recommended to Dr. Bellows as a excellent, hard hitting, bodyguard.  Dr Bellows realized that Ving would be very useful in battling the growing unearthly evil.  Occasionally Ving has pleasant dream-like memories, and others of pure horrors.

> "Hep"

His father (Puerto Rico/African decent) was American businessman who while on a trip to Israel met, and fell in love with a Jewish woman named Nancy Stewards. The two hit it off and, and after returning to the US they were married. Shortly there after there only son Melvin was born. Being of such a broad mix of ethnic groups gave Melvin an open out look on life as well as an open mind.

He did well in school and had dreams of attending a Medical College. During his final year in high school Melvin's mother was killed in an auto wreck. This turned his father into an oppressive, overbearing man.

In an attempt to get away from his overbearing father, Melvin "Hep" Gonzalaz started off his 17th birthday by enlisting in the US Army. From here he spent 8 years as a Medic with the 18th Air Born Corps achieving the rank of Staff Sergeant. During the later part of his enlistment he was approached by an Army Captain named Fox. Captain Fox convinced Melvin to volunteer for a new program the Army was working on, Project Cain2.

Project Cain2, was designed to create a new type of solder, on that was mentally superior to mankind. It was during the time that Melvin's empathic abilities came in to force. He, along with 24 others were trained in the use of there new empathic powers. The project went well for many years when a mental breakdown started to occur in some of the men. A few cover ups later the project was back on track, less than one year after the first problems, more of the volunteers went mad and killed most of the Project Cain2 staff. Cain2 was shelved, and the subjects were terminated. Melvin and two other subjects escaped the test lab.

Over the past twelve years he has roamed from metroplex to metroplex, and dumpster to dumpster. It was in this time of his life that he got the nickname "Hep", short for Hepatitis. He has had it twice now.

Recently Hep sobered up enough to have an Empathic Awaking towards the coming of the Dark Lords. Then he was approached by Doctor Eagon Spangler to work for "the Resistance."

When he is clean and sober he is a damned fine medic and a hell of a resistance fighter. But that is rare. 

> Fawn Hall.

As a young girl Fawn wanted one thing, to fly.  With her 'Mike' background, there was only a few ways, and she was not fond of the military.  Her father was a Master Sgt. in the  Army and she grew to hate the constant moving.  She worked hard to put her self through flight-paramedic school.  And after graduation she got a good job as a Heli-Medic.  While working, she continued her pilot training so that she could become a Pilot.  It was as a pilot that she had her first encounter with the Dark Ones.  A flock of large bird-women had attacked the helicopter she was piloting.  Her report was later read by Dr. Spangler, and he introduced her to the fight for humankind's survival.

> Juan Donnivan.  Comming Soon?

> Rudy Iupo.  Comming Soon?

> Lucas Wallenchek.  Comming Soon?

Our Fallen Ones

"Stash", Vietnamese Street Ganger.

Pondo Sinatra,  U.S. Postal Inspector.

Peter Cain,  Cop.

Biff Stue, Television and Movie Actor {Suspected Igor}.