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Ceramic Katana

A new play toy developed by Sun Technologies in their fight against the Dark Ones.  This weapon uses state-of-the-art ceramic materials to create a formidable melee sword.  It was created by the CEO who decided her “troops” needed a weapon that was light weight, strong and deadly.  She succeeded in doing so.  This sword, in the hands of a trained individual is extremely deadly.  It weighs only 0.5kg, is nonconductive (more useful than you might think), and never loses its edge.

Damage: 1d6+str
Wt: 0.5kg
Cost: $3000.00 (-/s)

Plastic Spike

This harmless looking plastic brush holds a small surprise.  The bristles head can be pulled off to reveal a hardened plastic spike.  It is as dangerous as any 5” bladed weapon, but does have a few obvious drawbacks.  It is made of plastic and therefore not very strong, and it cannot cut anything.  By the same token it cannot be detected by metal detectors.

                          rng     hit mod     damage     weight     price
     plastic spike:  S        +1            1d6-1        0.1kg      $25  (C/S)

Plastic Knives

These knives were made for concealment and stabbing.  These are made of vulcanized plastic and are hard enough to stab someone, yet too brittle for any extended combat.

                         rng   hit mod    damage    weight    price
     plastic knife:  S      +2           1d6           0.2       $75 (S/S)

Concealed Pen Knife

This is a normal looking ink pen.  Under the removable cap is a 4” steel blade, more for stabbing than cutting.  It receives a -2 difficulty modifier to notice.

                     rng   hit mod   damage    weight    price
     Pen knife  S     none       1d6-1       0.1         $45   (S/S)

Body Armor

Kevlar Vest  with steel plate inserts (various manufacturers)

Kevlar vest:  AV 1, ( AV 2 to chest only, front and back.)
A kevlar vest may have steel plate inserts that add to the protection they give.  Steel plates add 1 to the AV of the armor to the chest only, however they also give the character a -2 to agility while the plates are in. (Steel plates can also be used in flak jackets with the same effect.)

Cost: $200.00

Ram Tech “Blazing Glory” Armored Apparel

Bullet resistant trenchcoat: AV 1 chest, abdomen, arms, and  legs.  This new (and fashionable) trench coat was made for the urban warrior.  It was made possible using new “ballistic weave” technology. If the belt is drawn and  the coat closed it gives an  AV 1 to all protected areas.  However even then if a  leg hit is rolled then roll a 1d6 and if the result is a 5-6 the bullet was not stopped  by the coat. The character also suffers a  -2 to agility.

Wt. 15 Kg (very heavy)
Cost: $4000.00

Ram Tech Ballistic Body Armor MK IV

This suit of full body armor also owes its creation to the invention of   ballistic  weave cloth.  This suit is vastly superior to most all other conventional armor on the market.  It is similiar in appearence to the Close Assault Armor, but is much  easier to wear.  It provides a AV 1 to all hit locations.  It comes with a matching helmet.  Wearing this armor slows you down, -2 to agility and cannot move  faster than a trot.

Wt. 17 KG
Cost: $15,000.00 (you pay for quality)

Plastic Riot Shield

Used mainly by police and security forces for riot control. They are only useful  for melee combat (any type), they are not strong enough to withstand even the  smallest caliber handgun.  To use a shield to block a melee attack is a average roll vs. agility.   The sheilds are usually used in numbers to gain control of a unruly  crowd. To attack with the shield you must make a attack roll using armed melee  combat, the attack  is more a a push or shove than an actual strike. On a succesful  hit the shield does 1 point of damage and knocks the victim back, to figure out  how  many feer he/she is knocked back use the following formula:

Attacker: Str + melee unarmed (shield) skill - victims Str.  So it is possible to do damage and not move someone.

Wt. 5 kg
Cost: $150.00

Cosmetic Enhancements

It started with face lifts and breast implants, but these days the Doctors can do a  whole lot more.  Want to have fangs implanted for that “Gothic” look, no problem, want to have your skin bleached for that “undead” look?  Then look no further than your local yellow pages.   The following is a list of modifications that can be had in most metroplexes.

bite for d6 dmg

 Add fangs and all your teeth aresharpened for a nice smile.
Skin Bleaching

 For that way cool undead look you've always wanted.
Skin Coloring

 Get your skin dyed red to look likeSatan, or any other color you like.
Big Knucks
punch +2 to UCD

 -2 to all skills involving the use of hands  (Execption being all combat skills).
Facial Reconstruction
Want to look like someone else?

 Want to look like some one else?  Well now you can.
Grow hair.

 You've seen the commercial, now live the experience.


>If you have read the DC novels then you have an idea of what some of the gangs are like.  Not truly cyberpunk, but stylish none the less.