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Dimensional Stabilizer

This device creates a bubble shaped dimensional shield up to a diameter of 1km.  Blocking out all effects (Assimilation and or damage) of the Proto-Dimension it is in.  Thus, making it hospitable and protecting all beings within its area.  While operating the area of affect is transformed to match as close to Earth’s landscapes and textures as possible.  If it is set up in Pyro for example; the area will have a barren hardened magma landscape, and warm dry air.

The system itself is made up of a large Control Cube (2m x 2m x 2m), placed in the center and ringed by several 2m poles placed at 4m intervals, up to ½ km away.  These devices are typical in appearance to most Dark Tek, and are at a constant 98.6`.

The Cube feeds, physically from a living source.  A being (typically a human) is placed inside of the Cube and it absorbs there life force.  The sum of all Stats is the time in hours the machine will run.  When the ‘fuel’ is exhausted the husk of the person is removed, and a fresh power supply is added. If a person is in the Cube and has lost half or more than there stats, they will die as soon as they are removed.  If they are removed sooner, all losses are permanent and there will be some serious psychological problems to deal with.

Wt: 150 kg + 5 kg (per pole)
Cost: your life

Empathic Screamer

This relatively new darkling device is best described as “a combination of an organic computer and an esperlink”.  The main component in the device is the brains of neuropaths.  The brains are cut into thin slices and arranged similar to an organic computer.  They are then placed in a constant sense of pain, to which the brains “scream” in agony empathically.  This has the effect of making all rolls using human empathy, darkling empathy, animal empathy, and telepathy and all cascade skills 2 levels more difficult.  If this puts the difficulty past impossible, then that roll will automatically fail!

The size of the “Screamer” determines its area of effect, though an average portable Screamer can effectively block out a to a diameter of 1 kilometer.  Non portable Screamers are much more powerful.

Wt.  4 kg
Cost:  N/A

Dimensional Viners   (D-Viners as the Dark Elves call them)

They appear just as any other viner, however these viners have been bred with a new mutation: they make any use of Dimension Walk (and all cascades) 2 levels more difficult to use inside their confides.  How this is accomplished is unknown. Speculation is that the one of the Dark Ones wanted to be able to house his minions in an area secure from minion hunters. He/she/it has succeeded.  To be affectected by the D-viner you must be inside of it, merely being near it on the outside does nothing.  It is an all or nothing process, however to be affected you must be enclosed on at least 4 sides.

Wt: variable
Cost: yeah right.

Inferno Blades

These knives appear as black, non reflective 8” commando knife.  Though at first glance these knives seem normal they are far from it.  These blades are made in Gehenna by the Obsidian people for use by other dark minions who serve the same master.

When drawn the metal begins to generate vast amounts of heat.  Why it does this is unknown, it is however a property of the metal itself and not the Proto Dimension it comes from. The handle and sheath that contains it is immune to this effect, and always remain cool to the touch.  The upper limit of the heat has been measured at around 600 degrees Fahrenheit.

                            rng       hit mod   damage    weight       price
     Inferno Blade   S        +2            3d6*         0.5kg       butt loads of pain (-/-)

* Damage is accumulative per round of contact with blade, i.e.: If you are stuck with this knife it will do damage until it is removed.